Apr 07

Welcome To Bee Free

Caroline Ashlee Portraits Twitter LinkedIn-004 - CopyHi Everyone,   Welcome to the Bee Free blog! My name is Caroline Ashlee and I have a passion for looking after my health and well-being using natural ingredients and products.

Whether it’s elements from the Bee Hive like Propolis and Royal Jelly or natural products from other sources I want to live well and stay healthy fueled by nature and its larder of priceless fare.

Whether you are already sold or just curious, looking for something specific or just dabbling, I hope this blog will inspire you to consider the benefits that I believe can be gained from using products from the store cupboard that we have on our own doorsteps.

Also let me ask you what does it mean to you to Bee Free? Perhaps it’s to enjoy better health; to have more time or to be financially secure.  It very much depends on what’s important to you!  I will be covering what’s important to me and how I’m finding ways to get closer to my Bee Free.

Enjoy the blog  xx Caroline xx


May 17

Road to Recovery & Happy Anniversary !

Well its an anniversay day for me.. 12 months ago today that I had an accident whilst walking my dogs! 

In the weeks before it happened I had been thinking that I needed to slow down a little and take some time out for reflection, note to self be careful what you wish for !
The learnings have been huge, from accepting help from others, realizing that I don’t have to do everything myself, some how everything realigns and life moves forward but perhaps not quite as planned ! After spending 12 weeks being non weight bearing on my right leg, being a wheel chair user for a while and not being able to walk up stairs or use the shower !    I have to remind myself how fortunate I am to be back pretty much to normal and that the little things we take for granted need to be appreciated and acknowledged !
12 Months of Progress

My Knee 12 Months of Progress

My Ankle 12 Months of Progress

My Ankle 12 Months of Progress

I’ve been using Forever Livings amazing products to help with my recovery both on the inside and outside !  On the outside for my wound healing it’s been Forever Aloe Propolis Creme, I’ve  had no infections and the healing has been fantastic with my scars gradually disappearing !  Looking after me on the inside I’ve been using Forever Freedom, Argi +, Immune Blend, Forever Daily and Nature Min this combination has really worked for me, I managed to stay cold and cough free even though I’ve had major surgery and had been taking lots of prescribed medication in the early days.   Specifically these products have helped with inflammation, pain relief, tissue and muscle repair, building up my immune system and supplying me with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost my system.    In fact when I visited the Consultant this week he was very impressed with the look of my scars and was surprised that I hadn’t taken any prescribed medication since June last year !
Bee Free for me is to be able to take part in life’s daily routine with ease and I definitely feel that I’m getting there !
Products That Have Helped my Recovery !

Products That Have Helped my Recovery !

Apr 15

Time For Change ?

Are you happy and content with your work life balance ?  We can all find ourselves on the tread mill of life Time for Changewondering where the hours, days, weeks and months have disappeared too and we have still not completed the things we set out  to do !  Well perhaps its time for change, not  major changes but some small steps that will help us on our journey.  How about a daily / weekly to do list, to keep us on track ? For me when I tick items off my list, I do feel that I’m making progress in the right direction!

How about on the bigger scale ?

A question for you !  Do you have a life list of things that you want to do, things that are really important to you ?

Perhaps its time to put pen to paper and make a start (some people might call it a bucket list) but I think My Life To Do List sounds a little kinder !

I dare you to write your Life To Do List, I’m going to revisit mine and update it !  I’ll share it with you next time ..

Bye for Now …Caroline 


Apr 12

Bee Propolis

125Well how about Bee Propolis,have you heard about it’s fantastic natural properties ?  The bees make the propolis from tree resin and they used it for several different reasons.  Firstly they line the inside of the hive with propolis to kept it sterile and secondly it keeps the drafts out !

For us humans its known as natures antibiotic and can be every useful in tablet form to help ward off colds, coughs and other aliments.  It’s also every useful when used as an ingredient in products, one of my favorites is Forever’s Aloe Propolis  Creme.  I have found it really helpful for wound healing following my surgery back in May 2013, it can also be helpful for very dry skin conditions for me it’s my dry feet but for others it can be helpful with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Bye for now  x

Apr 10

Honey Bees !

Caroline Ashlee Honey BeeHi Again,

So now you have some idea where I am coming from let’s take a look at some of the diverse sources that natural health and wellbeing products can come from. Nature is wonderfully diverse and can give us a range of products from the world around us including plants, marine life and animals and insects. So let’s start with one of my favourites the inspiration for my blog – the humble Honey bee!

Did you know that there are about 20,000 varieties of bee ! These fall into four major groups, the Honey bees, Bumble bees, Stingless bees and Carpenter bees.   Honey Bees represent only a faction of the 20,000 with around 11 main species and about 44 sub species, no wondered that they are struggling in numbers at the moment, but that’s a whole other story and debate!

A couple of interesting facts about Honey Bees;

How many flowers does a Worker Bee visit each day ?  It’s up to 2,000 each day !

How many miles per hour can a Worker Bee fly ?  They can fly at up to 15 miles per hour !

More in my next blog about the amazing properties of Bee Propolis a substance that comes from the Bee Hive x

Bye for now  x